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This is what Melania Trump really thinks of Ivanka, according to body language experts


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When she’s not on official trips or appearances, Melania Trump is a very private woman.
Body language experts however, might have some insight as to what goes on behind the gaze that gives nothing away.
After appearing to avoid holding her husband’s hand, people have been feverishly theorising about Melania’s true feeling towards the Donald. But what about the First Lady’s thoughts about her husband’s daughter, Ivanka?
Speaking to the Express, body language expert Judi James claims that prior to the White House both women flanked the President like “bookends”:
The look seemed to have the objective of raising his alpha profile and both women seemed to play along, complimenting his all-powerful male look by posing like beauty pageant queens.
But the presidency has introduced a new dynamic according to James, who added:
[Melania is] following in the footsteps of one of the most charismatic First Ladies ever, while Ivanka plays the role o

f King’s Hand, chief support, adviser and even stand-in at world leadership occasions.
The role of First Lady seems to have driven Melania into a Mount Rushmore-esque stony facial expression at times and those times are often when she is around her step-daughter Ivanka.
This makes Melania appear frostier than Ivanka, whose facial expressions are friendlier-looking.
Here are three pictures of the pair analysed by body language experts.
James believes that their similar outfits “project an impression of sisterly unity”.
Speaking to, body language Tracey Cox pointed out that Ivanka and Melania do not look completely comfortable with one another.
She said:
That’s called blocking, her arms are crossed in front of herself as if to say, ‘keep away from me’, it’s a self-protection gesture.
Ivanka’s hands are like a steeple with her fingers and thumb entwined saying, ‘I’m the dominant one here so don’t try to pretend that I’m not’.
After pictures of Melania appearing to look sad at the inauguration went viral, most suspected that she was unhappy in her marriage.
But a few amateur body language detectives think that she was put out by Trump ignoring her in favour of his daughter.
Ivanka’s friendliness comes alight in this picture.
Speaking to the Express, James points out that you can see Melania’s face in Ivanka’s shades.
[Melania] is smiling but this is a long way from their ‘book end’ days of total mirroring as the smile is much more tempered than Ivanka’s.
James says this picture suggests a positive relationship. She said:
There are several signs of rapport here, from the mirrored, upright torsos and the proximity of the hand clasps to the way the legs are crossed toward another.
But there is no connection in terms of facial response (they are even looking in different directions) that could suggest warmth.


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