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Suspected night club robber arrested


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Suspect thief has been arrested by the Lagos state , operatives of Rapid Response squad (RRS) , has confessed that he robbed drunk clubbers of their valuables, every early Saturday mornings.

The suspect, Nathaniel Peters, 28, was arrested in Abule Egba early Saturday morning, during a search for a suspected robber, who stabbed a lady after dispossessing her of her mobile phone.

Peters was returning from a popular night club in Ikeja around 5:00 a.m., where he had gone for operations , When he was arrested, found on him were stolen laptop, three mobile phones, two wrist watches.
The lady who was stabbed and robbed confirmed it wasn’t Peter that robbed her. He revealed that he had been visiting night clubs particularly those in Ikeja to break into parked vehicles and rob sleeping and drunk clubbers of their valuable.

He said, ‘I have been in this business since 2016. My friend, Sheriff introduced me to it. We were both butchers at the Agege Abattoir. I ran into him after absconding with my boss N170,000

He told me it was very lucrative. I have discovered too that it is better than my butcher job at Abattoir. We start operation around 3:30 when club activities are winding down and clubbers are beginning to dose off.
We rob those standing alone, sleeping in car and those that are drunk. We break into cars too. When clubbers are drunk, they hardly feel our hands removing their valuables from their pockets and bodies.

We have a style of removing their gold rings while they are asleep. We sell the valuables to a friend, who takes them to Ghana to resell.”


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