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RRS arrests 40-year-old man for stealing colleague's phone


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Officers of the Lagos state police command’s Rapid Response Squad RRS, have arrested 40-year-old Akan Victor, for stealing his colleagues phone. Victor works at a Chinese restaurant somewhere in Lagos. On 31st December, 2017, at around 10:00 p.m, Victor was at work when he spotted his colleague’s phone and kept it to himself instead of turning it over to Cynthia, his colleague in the office.

At a point that day, Victor had to separate Cynthia, the owner of the phone from fighting a suspected colleague. The suspect took the phone home and held on to it for a month. Occasionally, he would remove its sim card, insert his own and make few calls with it. Victor’s wife, who he told the phone belonged to a colleague, would remind him to return the phone but Victor never budged.
On 1st February, 2018, Victor was tracked to his residence in Ijaiye by RRS Team. When inetrrogated, he denied being in possession of the android phone. Victor kept on denying having the phone but intermittently, his wife reminded him of the phone she was seeing with him. He shut the lady up with shouts.

His landlord, the Baale of the area and neighbours, who had gathered in the ensuing scenario, felt it was a police frame up. And they were resisting his being taken away. Victor sought permission to change his dress. He was allowed. But victor had a sinister motive to destroy the evidence. He cleverly wrapped the phone in question along with his trousers and flung it out through the window.


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