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Re: governor umahi’s elder brother accused of ILLEGAL REMOVAL OF NLC CHAIRMAN.


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Nowayo as a social media may not claim a high level of professional journalistic standards but our profound “no wayo reporting” is unarguable,

We were accused of improper presenting of the story reported yesterday by Comrade Ikechuwku Nwafor.for using “illegally removed” instead of attempt to illegally remove.

We are not carrying an apology because we simply followed presented documents. We instead, prefer to invite Comrade Ikechuwku Nwafor and anybody who has any clarification on the issue on nowayo TV where nobody can be accused of improper presentation on video.

The issue of Labour is a colossal bedrock that dwindles into every home, it should therefore be treated with unlimited amount of sanity. This publication is an open invitation to all that we may serve the society better.


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