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Pope excommunicates Nigeria-born priest


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A Nigeria-born Catholic priest has been ex-communicated for allegedly breaching rules of confession secrecy.

Pope Francis ordered that Father Ezinwanne Igbo of Stella Maris parish in Maroochydore, Queensland,Australia ,be axed after a two-year investigation.
“The Archbishop then submitted the judgment to the Holy See, who subsequently requested that the communication be made public,” the Archbishop said.

“The excommunication will remain in force until Fr. Ezinwanne seeks and is granted remission by the Pope, who alone can grant it.”

While excommunicated, Fr. Igbo cannot participate in public worship, celebrate or receive sacraments and cannot exercise any office of ministry in the church.

The priest’s lawyer Terry Boyce said 12 charges were brought against Fr. Igbo but all of them were “not proceeded with after Fr. Igbo defended them.”

Fr. Igbo is planning to appeal the decision after he was found guilty by the church.


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