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Edo State Govt. Set To Implement the Child Right Act Law


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Edo state government is set to implement the Child Right Act Law as parents/guardians who denied their wards access to education will be arrested and prosecuted.

This position was made known by the acting Chairman of State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) and the Special Adviser on Basic Education Joan Oviawe while monitoring schools in Oredo and Egor local government area in the state on resumption for new school section.

She said the state need an educated citizens that will enhance a knowledge economy that will lead to development and such development will be sustain, stressing that this will not be possible without basic education.

“Starting from tomorrow, Edo State Government will start a crackdown on parents/guardians who would not allow their wards attend schools during school hours but rather prefer they are used as house help, sales boys and girls or store keepers. We are sensitizing the people that the Child Right Act Law already existed in the state and the state government is ready to implement that law to arrest and prosecute offenders.

“The law stipulates that all Children within the school age go to school and get the required education. This action has become necessary because the state government is investing in education”.

Oviawe frown at the low turnout of pupils in several schools visited stressing that the habit of pupils not resuming during the first week of school is not the best. “If we must invest in school, then the pupils must be in the school to enjoy all the facilities that the government will provide”.

She said investing in infrastructure, renovation of schools, providing amenities is the least challenges facing the schools in the state rather the challenge needed to be overcome is that of attitude or habit of not attending school on the first week of resumption.

“According to research, it takes 21 days to develop new habit. We are sending our quality assurance personnel to monitor all our schools in Edo State for 21 days, to gather data to understand the real issue before rolling out and implementing our initiative.

Oviawe said there is a need for SUBEB to work with education secretaries to organize as soon as possible a training section for headmasters/mistress on how to manage the school effectively, will also get trained on community engagement.

On teachers that came late or did not come at all to school visited, Oviawe said there are existing laws and rules that will be applied to appropriately sanction erring teachers but that of the headmaster/mistress will be taken seriously because their absent will send a wrong signal to the pupils.

At Emokpae Primary School, the headmistress Mrs. Grace Idubor complained about the attitude of pupils of the school who resumes first in various shops in Mission road assisting their guardians and parents before coming to school.

Mrs. Idubor, the SA on basic education Joan Oviawe, and her entourage visited the various shops in Mission road where several pupils were identified. She Spoke with some of the pupils and their parents/guardians as they were encourage alongside on the need to support their ward to be educated warning them on the existing laws which will be implemented by the State government to ensure all children within school age get the needed education to contribute their quota to the development of the society.

School visited includes Ivbiotor, Aisologun, Akenzua, Etete, Emokpae, Olua, Aghahowa, Iheya, Uselu and Eson primary schools.


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