Early registration for the National Youth Service Program is very important for many reasons. It increases your chances of getting your most desired state of deployment, it helps you avoid late registration, it prevents you from missing the deadline and most of all, it eases your mind of the stress of the process and makes you feel more relaxed as you know you are on the right track.

Getting prepared for the service year goes further than just registration. The very next step after a successful online registration is to finalize your clearance. Be sure to start on time to avoid the massive crowd that will soon join the pursuit. Find the modality of the process from your department and proceed in accordance with it. The finish line here is your statement of result, which graduates and qualifies you for the orientation camp and the service year in turn. So, hold that paper proudly and carefully but accept my congratulations because you can continue your preparation for the camp fully after this achievement.

Next is shopping. You need to get these items in readiness as you will definitely need them:
• White Shorts (get like 2 pairs, but you’ll be given 2pairs in camp)
• White T-shirts (purchase 2 pairs, but you’ll be given 2pairs in camp)
• White socks (get 2 pairs, you’ll be given 1pair in camp)
• Whites tennis shoes (make sure they are comfortable)
• Underwear (ladies should avoid colored ones)
• Perfumes/ body spray/ Roll on (Even if you’re not used to it, trust me you’ll need them)
• Waist pouch
• Handkerchiefs/face towels
• Mosquito net,
• Bed sheets,
• Plates
• Food flask
• Cutlery,
• Bathroom slippers
• Bucket
• Toiletries
• Toothbrush & Toothpaste
• Bath soap & Sponge
• Detergent & Laundry Soap
• Toilet Paper
• Towel
• Combs and hair needs
• Makeup & accessories

Some items like the bucket, toilet roll, detergent and many others can be gotten at the Mammy market in camp. Don’t over pack as it will inconvenience you and cause you major discomfort when the army will command you to carry it on your head.
Before leaving the house make sure your document is intact:
• Call-up letter
• Statement of result
• School ID card
• Recent passport photographs (bring at least 8 copies)
I wish you the best in your service year!!

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