1. A Warm Welcome:
The NYSC orientation camp is a very fun place to be. Am being positive here. It is not with all the glitz and glamour you might see on Facebook nor with all the fun and laughter you can find on instagram.
Below is a rundown of what to really expect in camp. Have a peek at it:
The arrival is the first part. It involve you coming through the camp gate. This will be the only time you’ll be allowed through the gate. There is not enough to familiarize yourself in your new environment as you’ll promptly be met with unfriendly looking army officers. Don’t be carried away by their fierce appearance, they are actually very friendly, well, most of them.
Next, you’ll most likely experience their first friendly gesture, traditional frog jump with your load on your head. This is not as difficult as it looks but you can help this process by packing light.
After this you’ll be giving an orientation and introduction into the camp premises. You hear the rules and dictates. Next you’ll enroll in the registration. This ends with you getting your Khaki and boots. You will get your complete gear, known after now as your 7/7( i.e seven over seven). You will be allocated into different platoons and houses. This takes up most of the first day.

2. The military style match drill
Every morning you’ll be waken very early. You’ll learn to understand the meaning of the trumpet at anytime of the day. When it sounds in the morning, you’re expected to have been dressed and fully prepared for the day’s activity.
This activity starts with congregating together (most times aided by the military for those who want more sleep) at the parade ground, dressed in “otondo” or as a “white fowl”. This means being dressed in your white shirt, white shorts and trainers, and usually your waist bag.
After a brief non-denominational prayer, the camp commandant gives news concerning corp members and commences the day’s training.
Then comes the morning warm up exercise. This is fun and simply with a lot of dancing, excising and warming up. After the warm up is the morning matching. Here the army drill everybody for like 2-3 hours on marching. Precision and unison is what they try to achieve.
This long session ends when the horn blows for breakfast. Everybody leaves the parade ground and proceeds to the kitchen for their morning meal.

After eating and having your rest, the horn calls for everyone to go to the lecture halls for the SAED program. The Skill Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development (SAED) scheme is an initiative of the NYSC driven to aid corp members in obtaining necessary skills that will encourage them in turn to pursue entrepreneurship careers in order to reduce their possible time spent in the labour market in search of paid employment.
The NYSC has partnered with several companies and training outfits across the country to obtain and provide the very best to the nations corp members at subsidized rates, courses and live training programs developed by sponsors to equip them with skills pertaining to independent sustenance and business management understanding as well.
This lecture ends around 12 daily. But while there are a lot of people helping themselves for real, there is the majority dozing off, as it can be quite boring without interest.

4.  Other fun activities..
endurance trek,
warm up excises,
fashion nite,


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