I so love my Nigeria lady corpers, “they cannot come and go and carry last abeg”. Give them their uniform and they will turn it into fashion wear for runways. But in the long run it makes sense, because at the end of the day, they become a goal to others because they always look different and unique (no misunderstand me o). National youth service corps uniform, have been transformed into several fashion designs that best suites the wearer and it’s fast becoming a trend that once your uniform is given to you, instead of doing the normal adjustment they would rather make a new fashion out of them, (kudos to you my Nigeria ladies).
As for the guys like my big bro, he’d rather stuff his uniform inside his bag for security purposes and wear it only on the days that he can get implicated if not wearing it than trying to make another wear out of it unlike the lady who will totally change the t-shirt and trouser she was given to into a body hug or jumpsuit clothing and still rock well on them.
We even have the ‘our church does not encourage wearing of trousers whether or not youth service is concerned’. We just have to appear decent all the time. And they are also rocking their agbada all the way. Everyone has her own opinion though.
Anyways, whatever you decide to turn your uniform into just remember man o war drills, dem no dy play give you o!
What do you think of this, what will you do with your uniform when given one?

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