The fire burning in the young generation of Nigerians to bring back the death and forgotten word “future leaders” is being rekindled in Malaysia by our own Ngozi Isoh. On the 2nd of November 2016, I introduced the young man with a rap flow determined to create a new direction, he is unstoppable spreading faster than a wild bush fire…see his latest appearances you will be convinced that he is doing us proud.
There is no doubt that his message and acceptability in Malaysia is welcomed. There is no weapon our fathers, mothers, elder brother, older sisters have not used to destroy our future, the diversity in our culture that should be our source of strength is one of our greatest problems today.
Religion, which should make passionate is rather making us greedy and cruel,  supplying us arms to kill, maim and destroy, democracy is not for us by us and certainly has no meaning for us, they said education is a key to our future yet they changed the locks leaving us with a heavy key that has no door to open, except we kill for them to win elections, kill for them in the name of cults for them to be more powerful in the communities.
We have come, we have seen and we shall conquer, there must be future for the young generation, call—us greater tomorrow  




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