Children are gifts from God, so the Bible says. And with our common sense we know that every gift from God is always a blessing. But when you abuse these special gifts by sending them out in the street to hawk and sell sachets of water just so they can help in contributing for the success of the family, you are an irresponsible parent or guardian.
“We are not supposed to take up the responsibilities of our parents who are to provide food and financial support to us, our only work should have been limited to domestic chores like helping out in the kitchen, cleaning and clearing the house. Helping daddy to wash his cars at least, because that is to the extent we are meant to contribute and not bombarding us with loads of goods on our head and push us away into the strange world to go and get exposed to dangers. Some of us lose our lives to vehicles and in the hands of kidnappers and rituals, why some get raped and rendered emotionally down for the rest of their lives.
You lived all through your childhood and were able to make it to an adult alive because no one subjected you to the wicked world. Just allow us to live out the best of our childhood. We are young and full of life don’t make us have a life of sluggishness and bitterness, it will affect us in the future.
As I for one knows that if I am not allowed to live my childhood now that I am still very young, I sure will still live it when I am old and nobody should tell me that I am behaving like a kid cos that’s the way you made me be.”




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