In a world where abuse of the female gender is common, if not fished out will create a generation of un-intending prostitute, young single mothers, child early marriage, and increase in maternity rate , the story below will give you more insert on this view

My better sisters I sight una, finlove forever. This group has thought me how to speak up, it has thought me that atimes I shouldn’t mind my business..
There is this little girl that used to stay around my area, her name is Grace. Grace was a sales girl in her aunts provision store, she is thirteen years old.Grace would sell from morning till night, she always looked dirty and tattered and I noticed she never went to school. One day I went to d market to buy few stuffs, I saw a dress I felt would fit grace n got it for her. I gave it to grace that same evening, she was so happy ND kept thanking me.
Very early d next morning on my way out as soon as I opened d gate,it was grace I saw.she greeted me ND hurriedly handed me the same package I gave to her, she said she couldn’t accept it because her aunty told her she wasn’t allowed to collect gifts from strangers. I was shell shocked, me a stranger? I was one of their regular customer, and her aunty and I were quite familiar . I seized d opportunity and asked her y she didn’t go to school, she told me every year her aunty promised she would start d next year but when d next year came she didn’t still enrol her in a school. At that point she started crying and I was touched, I told her to go ask her aunty if I could pay for her registration and get back to me. Her face brightened instantly, she thanked me and left.
Grace never got back to me,infact I noticed she started avoiding me. Whenever she saw me she greeted me hurriedly and acted like she was so engrossed in something. One cool evening I got back and saw grace coming out from a tenants house. I called her and asked her what she went to do there, she told me d man who lived in d house bought bread from her and ask her to come and collect her money at home. I told her to be careful with men and never enter his room when his wife wasn’t around. She told me she has heard and has to leave hurriedly to pick her aunts last child from school.
I noticed grace always littered around my compound, she always had an excuse to sneak into the compound and whenever she came Mr man was always around. One evening My brother approached me and told me he thinks Mr man forced himself on grace in the afternoon. He heard her crying and heard mr begging her nt to tell anyone. As soon as I heard this I stiffened, I boiled, I couldn’t believe my ears. Now Mr is from my village and I regard him as my brother but that day I didn’t care. I walked up to him and asked him y grace was always in his room, I noticed he flinched as soon as he heard what I said bt pretended and acted like he was offended with my question, I noticed he was uneasy ,nervous and couldn’t look me in d eyes. That was d proof I needed, he was guilty. I apologized ND left.
I thought long ND hard of what to do, d only idea I could come up with was to tell grace’s aunty. I figured that no matter how wicked n heartless she was she wouldnt let such abuse on grace slide. I went to her shop n told her what I suspected,i told her to ask grace. D way d woman clapped her hands ND said “choi that useless rat don dey chop kpomo ,hei” made me almost regret telling her. But I had no option, I had to tell her before anything. I quickly told her we weren’t sure and shouldn’t conclude yet, she thanked me ND I left .
I travelled for a week or more ND didn’t follow up. When I got back I asked my brother for update on d matter, he told me grace confessed to her aunt that d pervert had his way on her that day. D aunt n grace stormed to d perverts house to cause a scene but Mr man knelt down n started begging because his wife was inside and he didn’t want her to hear. After that grace aunty ND d man had a quiet discussion and she left,he didn’t know what ensued between them because they were quiet. He only saw all this because he was outside when it all happened and that was d last that was heard of d matter. I was uncomfortable so I pretended like I heard nothing ND went to ask grace aunty. Grace aunty told me grace was a useless prostitute, she hadn’t even started seeing her menses yet she had started having sex. She was also a witch ND she seduced d man. I was shocked, I felt my heart almost stop. Thirteen years old girl seduce a matured man? I got up ND told her I was leaving, d next thing she said brought out all d anger in me. She said “Nne pls eh,let d matter end here .dont tell anyone .i don’t want his wife to hear this ,he has apologized and that’s enough “. At that point I was almost emotional I told her that I hope she would say the same thing if it was one of her daughters in grace shoe (she has 3 daughters).
I went to the shop and interrogated grace. She told me d pervert lured her with money and promised her he will help her call her mum. Grace said she wanted to go back to her mum in Umuahia, her aunty refused to allow her go or let her speak to her mum.whenever her mum called her aunt, her aunt will make her lie to her mum telling her she was happy in port Harcourt and attended school. One day she begged Mr pervert to pls allow her call her mum with his phone, Mr pervert always bought her biscuit and sweet so she felt comfortable with him. he told her to lie as though he was owing her and come to his home there she will call her mum nd will have her privacy to tell her mum everything she wanted to. Everyday when she came, pervert will touch her ND tell her to come back d next day because he had no airtime until that day when he finally forced himself on her. Pervert told her he was 19yrs old and was also from Umuahia .when she confronted him with her aunt, pervert shut her aunt up with a 100k bribe. He had paid 10k.remaining 90. That day I was enraged, I cried.. I was hurt.
Quickly I made a call to a friend and told him everything, I knew he will never condone such an act. Next morning with d help of my friend pervert and Graces aunt were arrested. D news spread but I didn’t care, some applauded me.some said I was a busy body who wouldn’t mind her business. Well na dem get their mouth, I cared less. Perverts wife was following me up and down crying and begging, she said it was d devils handiwork.
To cut d long story short pervert spent about three months in d cell, it was his almost due pregnant wife that made d heart of my friend who was bent on him going to jail soften. Grace’s aunt slept in d cell for three days, she was later rearrested when she came to threaten me and was forced to sign an undertaken that if as much as a pin hurts me, she was responsible. Grace was taken to d hospital and series of tests was done at perverts expense. I helped grace reunite with her mum, her mum gave grace aunt d beating of her life in public. D woman was so devastated ,she couldn’t believe all she heard. She fought like a tiger and tore grace aunties top. After which she broke down n wept badly, she told me grace auntie lied to her that grace was doing fine and was in school. When she set eyes on her daughter ND saw how haggard she was, she wanted to die. Two weeks later, grace called me from Umuahia. She told me she was seeing her first menstruation.
It’s been a while since all this happened, and everyday whenever I remember what I did I thank God I was bold enough to do what I did. I remembered this today cos just yesterday, grace’s aunt first daughter was raped in an uncompleted building. A man went to d shop ND told her her mum was calling her, the man usually bought things from them so she believed him. He took her to an uncompleted house inside a fenced compound ND raped her. Pervert number two is on d run ND no one has a trace of where he could be.
I’m hurt that such happened to d little quiet girl of just twelve ,I pray pervert number two is caught ND jailed.
Let’s keep helping and speaking out for d downtrodden children, that child might not be able to repay us bt God In heaven definitely will. We won’t turn a blind eye to evil .we will speak up when u can. We might not be sowing the seed for ourselves or even our children but for our grand children or great grand children .
we can do this ,we are in this together.
I see u sis, finlove. finhug. finkisses.





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