The parents of two allegedly neglected and malnourished twin baby girls were arrested in what doctors and police in Oklahoma say was “the worst case of child abuse they had seen,” PEOPLE confirms.
Kevin Fowler, 25, and Aislyn Miller, 24, were both arrested Saturday on child abuse charges after nurses working at an area urgent care facility contacted Owasso Police, according to arrest reports obtained by PEOPLE.
The nurses had been treating the twins for an unspecified medical condition and noticed that both children had severe diaper rash and bed sores, the reports state.
Nurses also found feces in one child’s ear while the other baby had a strand of hair wrapped tightly around one of its fingers; the arrest reports indicate the baby’s finger had become infected as a result, and that skin had started growing over the hair.
According to the arrest reports, a nurse saw a maggot on one of the girls.
Both babies were extremely skinny, with one being described in police reports as looking like a “skeleton.”
The arrest reports allege investigators interviewed Fowler and Miller, who said they were “new parents” and not accustomed to caring for babies.
Miller allegedly told detectives the children seemed malnourished because they were born prematurely, according to the arrest reports.
Miller also allegedly told police the couple didn’t have health insurance, so they let their children’s health problems persist. She also said the babies had not seen a physician since their birth, the arrest reports allege.
Miller and Fowler were released after posting $50,000 bond, jail records show.
PEOPLE’s calls to Miller and Fowler were not returned.
Court officials did not know whether either defendant has retained legal counsel.
Both girls have been removed from their parents’ custody.




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