The things they need to activate their potentials
Every child has some special potential, a special talent they are born with which needs to be maintained. Whether you know this or not, that young boy or girl has some potential in them which they are either born with or just acquired, may be a good vocabulary, good writing skills; some are just that good in making out sketches or drawings. Some are also just perfect in painting and all these as little and as insignificant as they maybe lead to the great technology we enjoyed today. But if the parents of the great names in science were too busy and neglected them, the tendency is that they will drop those skills as they grow up to either pursue the career which their parents already had in mind for them or just an escape carrier. Some actually end up not even knowing what else to engage themselves with once they drop the initial potentials.
What is expected from the parents or guardians concerning this great potential in the life of these young ones? It’s as simple as this;

Every child might not need just support but surely needs love while others are in dept concern about your encouragement. When children grow up in an environment where they are loved it is sure that they can explore the world around them. With everyone showering them with love, it won’t need any much ado to fully develop that skill and talent inside of them because when they are done they will always come to show that person whom they know loves them.
Don’t just be an always too busy to see what your child does parent. If you see that she always dress fancy and pretend to cat walk on the runways on heels, don’t hesitate to support her by continuously buying her fancy dress and cute little handbags and heels. You never can tell, she might just be the next Miss Universe.
Does your child trust you? Are you sure he can confidently come to tell you that he likes singing and would want to partake in any singing competition going on in his or her school?  For the potentials of a child to fully develop, you need to build a wall of trust around him and make them believe that they can trust you with what they are doing, make them know that by telling them it’s good when others think they have picked up weird potentials.
Show interest
As possibly as you can, show interest in what they do, in their day-to-day activity and make them aware that you are interested in them too. These can be achieved by constant appraisal or encouraging their drawings or when they help their younger ones with their homework. It shows they have the potentials of helping other persons in need.

The younger generations are the ones who owns tomorrow, whatever positive potential you see in them today, make it a reality by fully giving them all the support they need.     




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