You seriously need to keep watch on your children, they can do just about anything online to get attention from the people they think they are looking up to. Always monitor their movement and from time to time check in their rooms and belonging see what you got for them and the ones they got for themselves or the ones they are illegally keeping for themselves.
A 13-year-old accidentally shot and killed himself on Instagram Live after the gun he was posing with went off.
Malachi Hemphill of Forest Park, Georgia, had taken the trash out on Monday night and returned to his room when his mother heard a loud ‘boom’.
Shaniqua Stephens and her daughter kicked in the teen’s door and found him laying in a pool of blood.

Stephens said she knew something was wrong when she heard the noise, and immediately rushed upstairs with her daughter.
‘We kicked in the door. We found him just laying there in a pool of blood,’ Stephens said.
Her daughter noticed Malachi’s phone was still on, and Stephens found it was still streaming through Instagram Live.
The teen was rushed to Grady Hospital in Atlanta, where he died.
Stephens told: ‘This is just a pain that will never go away. He was my only son. He was just only 13. Just the thought of me seeing him on the floor will never leave my brain,’ she said.

Other kids who lived nearby ran to Malachi’s house to check on their friend after watching the horrific scene unfold on social media.
According to Stephens, someone told her son to put a clip in the gun when it went off.
It remains unclear how the 13-year-old got hold of the gun, although Stephens said it had been passed around through friends.
The heartbroken mother said she and her husband kept tabs on who their son spent time with and tried to keep track of Malachi’s social media activity, even though he created numerous accounts.
Stephens is now urging other parents to watch over their kids, saying: ‘Monitor their phones, just monitor your children.’ 

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