Most of our ladies are such in a hurry to get married that they go into marriage unprepared. For instance, some get married immediately after their secondary school, others get married half way between their admissions into higher institutions why others just get married straight away immediately they are done with higher institution. But after all said and done, all of them are still in the same boat if none is working. Nobody is stopping you from getting married but the point is as a young lady, you’ve got to have something doing before you go into one.
Just take a moment to think about this; do you remember how you have to cook up a story to get money from your parents when you need to buy some personal stuffs huh? Alright, can you proudly ask your father to buy you underwear (your pant and bra I mean?) oh great! You are not the one doing the cooking at home and probably when you were in school, you had a way of getting ‘small small change’ from your parents to buy maggi, and other ingredients for cooking, and don’t forget that sometimes our mother used to ensure she provided us with these stuffs when going back to school for those of us that still have their mum with them. Life is quite sweet when single though. Ok, back to the topic; and then you met this man (remember, this man) because no young man in his normal senses would get married to a liability and he started loving you, provided you with everything you needed why schooling and then he finally promised you marriage. So, you forgot that you don’t have any handiwork yet and even when you remembered he told you there is no reason for you to work that he can provide you with anything you need.
This is the logic, you were still living with your parents or guardian, whichever one; he sees or visits you once in a while and is of course always eager to see and buy things for you and you forgot that you are going to marry him and start a family, like giving birth to one, two, three, four etc children. And you think you will just relax and he will be the James bond for you? What do you think he is, Father Christmas?
Well, after one full year of the marriage, come let’s talk.
But dear, the good news is that you can prevent this from happening, am sure you know you can get a job or start your own personal business while still in school. Don’t be a liability to any man; you are way too bigger than that. You wouldn’t want to lose your self dignity and respect to any man not to talk of allowing any man turn you into a punch bag.
Dear ladies, you should know that your place does not only end in the kitchen as a wife, you need to look good for him and without alerting him any time you want to. You need to take care of your children whether or not he is around, don’t jump into marriage because he promised to take care of you, he can’t do that for a lifetime he is a human being. Even your own parents sometimes complain of you being a burden to them not to talk of a man you just met somewhere and got married to. He will lose interest in you, disrespect and disregard your presents in his life, in fact, in your very own face he will bring in another woman whom he will also give the same treatment he gave you if she is also a liability. Don’t let domestic violence start from you, give yourself some self respect by getting engaged in some respectful business, go out in the morning and come back in the evening to take care of your family. Surprise him with his favourite dishes out of your own pocket sometimes. And the marriage will go just fine.






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