I grew up in a family where no matter the kind of argument my uncle and his wife have, they never push it to a physical combat. For as long as I am concerned, it is not good for a man to lay his hands on a woman no matter what. Of course I know women can be so annoying sometimes but there are many ways you can punish her if you think she has gone too far. For instance, you can decide not to eat her food for a particular number of days depending on the gravity of what she did. Or better still you can hunt her with what she did by continuously repeating it to her. For example, if she insulted you, you can make her pay back by always reminding her of it anytime she starts talking way too much. You can just tell her “or do you want to insult me again?” you can repeat this for as long as you want till she feels so bad about it that she would be forced to apologize and change.
Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t beat your wife no matter what
1. It keeps her from performing her womanly duties.
In order for your girl to cook, clean and please you sexually, she needs to be in top physical condition. If you injure her while slapping her around, she won’t be able to serve you as well. For example, it’s difficult for a girl to make you a sandwich when her arm is in a sling, or for her to go down on you with a broken jaw. By sending her to the hospital every time she folds your underwear the wrong way, you make it more difficult for her to get it right in the future.
2. It’s time-consuming.
Because men are physically stronger on average than women, virtually every man has the ability to beat the stuffing out of his girl if he wants. Even still, disciplining a girl takes effort. Depending on how much your girl has irritated you; you may have to spend hours chasing her around the house with a belt. That’s time you could be using to do something more productive, like playing video games or alphabetizing your Joni Mitchell albums.
3. You can hurt yourself while beating her.
While physically assaulting a girl is something almost every man can do, you run the risk of injuring yourself in the process. She may be a frail little female, but her bones are still hard and her nails are still sharp. You also might accidentally get some of her blood on your nice clothes.
You might lose her
4.If you keep beating your wife, you might end up killing her, wounding her or losing her completely to a more caring man of course there are plenty of them out there. Who would want to stay in a house where she has been made a punch bag? Nobody of course, the more you beat her, the more you lose her. And don’t be surprise when she brings in the divorce papers.




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