What exactly is the problem marrying during recession? If you started dating her before recession, you certainly have spent few days in the recession before the “yes I do”. Or on the other hand you started the relationship during recession and you are getting married while things remain the same.
In all remember that it is not the recession you are getting married to because you even do not marry in the period of boom, you are marrying your woman who had known you for some time. The consequences of the recession would be Severe only if you are marrying another person’s wife or husband.
You do not need to buy new a refrigerator or move into a new apartment because of change in marital status. Since your love grew on six spring bed, I do not think it will die when you still continue with six spring bed.
Only the arrival of a new member of the family can necessitate movement to a new house depending on the size of the one currently occupied.
There is absolutely no need for all the noise that comes with the “yes I do”, those who drank the wine would soon forget how great the party was. Therefore, minimize your celebration and concentrate on the love between you and your wife while you look forward to the celebration of your wedding anniversaries.




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