Now getting married is a good thing, and it’s the most beautiful thing when a person finds the right person, that person that is the perfect fit for them. This is all good but it can become a sad thing when someone is marrying the right person for the wrong reasons and it is a big time tragedy when two wrong people are getting married to each other for the wrong reasons!
There are a lot of factors that go into arriving at that place where one is getting married for the right reasons; many of which have to do with self-growth and maturity. The funny part is that some people are getting married for the wrong reasons and don’t even know it.
For anyone who may be in doubt, here are some terrible and totally wrong reasons for anyone to get married:

This is one very common reason why some people get married; almost everyone has probably heard someone say that they or someone else wants to get married because they are getting old(er). While age can be a consideration in marriage where other factors are in place, it is wrong to get married for the sole reason that one is old enough or getting too old. If you haven’t found the right person, and are not mentally and emotionally mature, among many other things, then you are not fit for marriage.

To have kids
It is not a good idea to get married just because you want to have kids. You can get a sperm donor or surrogate to do that for you and you can even be a baby mama/daddy if you want it so bad. Marriage contracted for such reasons often end in misery.

To escape family problems
If you want to get married because you want to escape your parents or any other family issues you’re having, don’t do it. It is a bad idea because you are probably not thinking straight.

Because you think you should rescue a poor single mom or dad
This is another very wrong reason to get married, you need to marry having in mind that you are not doing anyone a favour by marrying them but marry because you really saw and accepted them both to be part of your life.

For money
This is something that is said all the time and a lot of people still do it. Although money and financial clarity is important in marriage, money on its own is not a good enough reason to marry someone, unless you love them and get along with them too.

Because you are lonely
Do you know that at a time you might get so nervous that you would prefer to be alone even after marriage? Getting married because of loneliness is out of bound since your partner may not necessary being the perfect companion that you need. Chances are that you can still be very lonely even after your marriage with him/her.

To have your wedding dream
If you’re getting married only because you want actualize those your childhood dreams of your wedding dress and your wedding day, you’re no longer in touch with what is important. You should probably get some counseling

Please note that the above reasons are not bad desires all the time, but they are terrible reasons to get married if each or any one of them is the sole reason why a person wants to get married. The chances are that anyone in such a state of mind is thinking clearly and may be ready to manipulate and deceive others to get what they want. Such desperation often ends in disappointment and pain and at the end; divorce is always the next option. You see, what have you gained then?




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