Though families employ the services of nannies and house help, it is still a fact that some house chores should only be handled by either the husband or the wife. Therefore the chores are apportioned according to level of sensitivity or strength required.
Normally, most chores that required physical strength should be performed by the husband. This is because naturally, men are physically stronger than women. In the other hand, other sensitive chores that do not required physical strength can be handled by the women. It is also the case most of the time that women are more careful, précised and painstaking than men .
Where we have issues sometimes is where the different categories of chores overlap. Some women, due to one condition or their type of upbringing, develop the skills to handle some, if not all the physically required chores. Some men also acquire the skills for the chores categorized as women chores. Even the nannies and house helps sometimes are allowed to go beyond boundaries and they handle some very sensitive chores which ordinarily they should not.
Like we have seen, the categorizations of house chores are not really cast on stones. Therefore, a spouse, especially when politely asked, should not hesitate to help out in any house chores. A husband can wash dishes and make some food when he is more disposed. He can even scrub the house even when it is widely assumed that it is a female chore. A wife can help re arrange the house by moving about heavy items in the house. She can even fetch water where necessary.
I strongly believe that the key factor in this whole thing is being able to reach a compromise where a spouse, even when convinced otherwise, can go ahead to carry out any chores for the other. If well discussed, it is assured that this compromise can always be reached.




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