If I married him, it was because I loved him. If he now decides to cheat on me, it’s because he has gone back to where we first met in search of the old me who has been replaced with a new me.  How true is this? Can you remember one of the things he used to tell you when you guys were dating? The “I love your this and your that?” Are you still that person he stopped on the road some years back, the slim and all curvy sweet girls, or the plump woman that he saw on his way back from work that faithful evening? Is taking your baths at least twice a day now a big deal to you because you get tired from work and from doing the house chores plus taking care of the children? Do you wear him down with loads of complaints about how he forgot to buy the baby’s milk on his way back even though you reminded him a hundred times?
Have you changed? YES! He will change too. After all, we are in the era of change. You dated him for some years or probably some couple of months before he married you, then you should have come up with some of the things he has seen other ladies do or look like that irritates him which he might have been thanking God that you didn’t do or looked like and which he indirectly also tells you not to do. Every guy does that, try listening to him carefully the next time you are conversing with him; you will hear him telling you what attracted you to him at the start.
The point is, when you finally marry him; don’t change from doing those things you used to do when you were dating him which made him choose you over the other millions of girl around him. Men don’t appreciate that kind of change. If you were fat then, maintain your fatness, if you were slim, make sure you don’t ever wish to be fat; else he will simply go back to the road to find ‘the you’ that he met on the road in another person. And believe me, when he does he won’t come back to the new you who is totally different from the old you. Try to keep your partner indoors by being your real self. That real self is the person you are the day he first saw you.




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