Getting a wife is the dream of every single man. That is why it takes a lot of weeks, months and years for them to do the hunting of the babe who will occupy their heart and home.
When guys are searching for wife, they are actually looking for someone who is submissive, teachable, a contributor, not just an eater, romantic, good cook and domesticated.
However, there are profession you choose a wife from that may deprive you of all the benefits you desire in marriage and you may not be happy in that matrimony. These professions are:
Nurses are beauty to behold in their uniforms but the demands of their job keep them away from their husbands. The shifting system of taking care of the sick, mental and emotionally weak persons affects their emotional response to their husband.  After caring for all their patients they are left with little or no care for their home couple with the fact that they easily fall in love with Patients and Doctors. If your desire is to marry a typical African woman who will play total marital role, don’t marry a nurse else you will be disappointed.
Police were trained to give order and not to be gently. So, they tend to order their husbands around instead of taking orders from them. They are more on duty with their official job than at home because their job demands call to duty at any time. If you want an available and submissive wife, don’t go for a police status.
The training of lawyers programs them to argue themselves out, fight for their right and support their points with facts. She knows how to fight for right in the law court if you engage in extra-marital affairs; she can sue you for a divorce and take over all your estates through the power of the law. Are you already married to a lawyer, be careful.
Newscasters and models are alike .They are delectable, fashionable, beautiful, attractive and screen divas. Their spotless beauty gets them attracted to the high and mighty in the society. They have influence a lot; have lots cash in their coffers. Politicians and top executives are always after them. This put them in better position financially than their husbands. They have a lot of outings that they have little or no time for their husband.
So just prove them wrong, make them see that they are wrong by thinking that because you have a job that earns you a high income that you are not fit to be a good wife.
Does it mean that these women should remain single or maybe change their profession because of these lists? No, they are also marriageable and make a good wife just like every other woman with any other profession; in fact, they end up making the best mates ever if you as the man play your part as her husband wella.




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