The male children are different from the female child, and the earlier you understand that the better it would be for you in raising them.
Male children need specific guidance to be placed on them. Probably your son has been behaving in a way you seem not to understand of recent or you’ve just welcomed a new baby born with no idea on how to raise him into being that matured and responsible adult you intend to make out of him. Nevertheless, these are the things you should know about raising a male child.
Trust me male children do not keep still, they always want to be on the move, just in case you are wondering why your son keeps showing some signs of restlessness, there is no cause for alarm.
It is usual and normal, when your male child slows down and does not seem active, there is a need to pay more attention to them. Encourage your male child to be active, if possible create room for sporting activities in his daily schedule.
Male children find it difficult to listen to simple instructions, in fact study has shown that the female children have a more acute sense of listening than male children due to the differences in their brain development.
Just when you think they are listening to you, you might just discover that they were never paying attention to you all along, you don’t have to allow this get at you; it’s just their own way of showing that they are boys and not girls.
You probably have not realized this but male children are really more sensitive than female children, however rather than react as the female children would, they would rather take actions or hide their emotions. Just when you think they have no feelings, they are simply thinking about what is next. Respect your son’s feelings and reaction to situations.
Boys are more confidential than girls rather than spill out everything going on with them, they like to keep mute. All they are trying to let you know is that they can deal with personal issues.
The only way to get them to open up is by engaging them in activities you also would like to partake of, by doing this you could raise important discussions with them and enquire about their favourite game or activity; they feel better being related with via non-verbal communication mode.
Just when you are thinking they are not yet informed, they know a lot that you don’t already.
Understanding the nature of male children would help you to relate with them better and give them all of the guidance and direction that they need to grow into better, stronger and wiser adults.




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