Women should come over here right away; sure we’ve got some extra capacity to build as wives in our homes. However, having to discuss so much of your achievements or what we think we are doing the best could make you sound so ridiculous and it is in fact not in any way healthy for a successful relationship, so just when you’re thinking about raising arguments about how much achievements you’ve made, think about these:
  We’re on the same team
We are both working towards creating a home and life for one another. Everything we do is for the good of our family. We’re creating a happily ever after together. The only way to victory is for both of us to be winners. Like any team sport, it doesn’t matter who is doing the most or the best as long as we win the game.

We are one
Remember, you’ve both been joined as one and you both are supposed to protect each others interest, having in mind that you do all that you do for the interest of the family you’re building together. It doesn’t matter who is doing or carrying out the most responsibility, all that matters is that you’re fighting a battle you both should win together.
Love wins always
Remember, love conquers all and it always wins. Constantly remind yourself about how you fell in love with each other and how you want to share everything together.  We want to share every day of our lives together. Constantly remind yourself why you fell in love with your husband. This way, love will always win.
Compromise is the key to a successful
Give room for compromise, work together and be willing to fill capacity and take responsibility, this will enable you enjoy a successful marriage. The only way to win is by working together and these require a lot of give and not just take.
Losers are the ones who compete
Remember, only losers compete. Sure, you both aren’t losers, so quit acting like one. You’ve got to stop competing with your spouse and set right your focus in marriage. Focus more on how to do what you have not done right rather than focus on measuring your success with that of your husband.




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