This woman is just as confused as many of our young married women are out there because of their mother in-laws.
“I’m 27 and I’ve been married for 5 years, with a 3 year old daughter, I’m currently 5months pregnant, but I’m not happy anymore in my home. My mother in law finds fault in every single thing I do. Its either the pepper soup has lots of pepper, or that my tea is too hot. I won’t say it’s her age, because she is just 59, I really don’t know what to do to please her.
I keep having the feeling that it’s because of a male child. How can she be so impatient? It’s just 5 years naa.. She once called me barren when my daughter was almost 2years, does it mean that my female child don’t matter to her??? Help me TNT, my husband can’t even remedy this situation because he is *mama’s boy*”
Once you are married, you don’t need a third party. My mother, my father, my brothers and sisters; they all should come after your wife. Don’t make your wife’s home uncomfortable for her because of your family. They have done their part, now you are all grown up and you have your own family, think and take care of them and not the other way round. Whether or not she gives birth to male child, it should just be a problem for the two of you and not your mother, after all, she didn’t put the baby in there by herself and neither did she chose the gender of the baby herself.




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