Is child bearing the main reason why people go into marriage? Why is it that after the first one year of marriage and the baby is not coming, the marriage starts developing high fever?
It’s heartbreaking to see so many African marriages today crash because they said or thought the woman could not bear or has being unable to miraculously mould a child in her womb by herself and bring out for the husband and her in-laws. Does it really mean that marriage is all about the children? In fact, there was nothing for the wife…as in there was no special feelings that you just wanted to be with her for the rest of your life because she is your friend and not because of the babies you two will produce?
If you vowed for better or for worse at the altar and at the end of the day you cannot even stand by her when your family is pressurizing her then, you were never actually matured to make that vow.
Children making are the responsibility of both the husband and the wife and should be limited to them alone in my own opinion. Both partners should jointly find a solution to their problem and not make the woman look like a baby-eater-witch.
Your wife needs you the most when she is the problem of child bearing issue because you are really the only person that can understand her more than any other person, don’t make her regret leaving her family for you.




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