The natural curiosity of a young child defies all reasoning.
They want to explore everything and put stuff in their mouth. They look for the slightest opportunity when your attention is off them to do whatever they want to without restrictions because they don’t know which is right or wrong.
The period between 0 and 4 is one that is very delicate. At this point, home safety should be a very important consideration.
The key is to create an environment that balances safety while at home thereby
allowing your child to play and express himself.
If you have concerns about whether your home is safe for your kids, we explore basic tips that should be in place which includes
Lock it up
A child reaching into a medicine cabinet
Harmful substances and tools should be safely locked away in cupboards or cabinets. These cupboards should be high above the reach of your children.
Everyday medicines and substances like rat poison, disinfectant, bleach and spray cleaners should be kept out of reach.
Don’t confuse your children with descriptions of these substances. Don’t call them special sweets or drinks.
Be clear that they are dangerous and should not be played with.
Install Alarms and prevent burns
There is a certain fascination that a young child holds for fire. The oven, stove, microwave and other appliances are easy danger spots.
Make sure that these appliances are not within your child’s reach.
Keep a constant watch on your child when you are using such appliances. Also be sure not to leave leave hot drinks and hot water lying around too.
Fires are easily triggered and there should be adequate preparation for emergencies.
From abandoned cigarettes to electrical faults,fires can start very quickly.
Smoke alarms help to alert you on time. Check that your alarms are in good condition on a regular basis.
A child looking down unguarded Stairs are a potential hazard in every home. If your child is constantly trying to venture down the stairs, you should use safety guards to bar the entrance to your stairs and balcony.
Windows also pose a major danger if not well guarded, an inquisitive child may fall out of them. They should be locked and window guards used for extra protection.
Monitor your child’s interaction with pets
Pets help to improve your child’s social skills and prevent loneliness. In older children, it helps them assume responsibility.
Pets can be very friendly but unruly behavior by children can set them on the edge.Constant pulling of the tail or tugging of the ear can cause them to lash out.
For young children, monitor their playtime with family pets. Teach your child early on not to interfere with your pet’s feed time .
Have first aid handy
Even with all the best safety measures, accidents still occur. Apart from having your pediatrician on speed dial, it is essential to have a first aid kit.
In emergencies, your fully stocked kit could be the difference between a near miss and a disaster.
With our easy to use tips, you can take the first steps towards making your home a child friendly space.




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