Family is the best place you can wish to be after a long day’s work. But if your family isn’t healthy enough to be in, you will see yourself scared to return home after work every day.
Here are few things you need to do for a healthy family;
Communication is the key to build a jovial family, talk to each other in the family frequently and designating family together times every day is helpful to this purpose. Experts say that there are four styles of family communication.
It is through the communication the members of the family express their requirements, love, desires, advises etc., to each other person in the family.
Communication is not the mere verbal exchange of information in the families. Communication doesn’t refers to the verbal alone in the family, but physical expressions, gestures and even an affectionate look can be communicative in the family.
Family communication is very much different from that with formal communication Clear and direct communication, clear and indirect communication, masked and direct communication and masked and indirect communication.
Be positive in your communication within the family and truly, the positive communication is the language of love. Never argue or shout at each other unnecessarily. Family should be a place everyone wants to be with always.
Affection and love in the family is quite nature and must to have elements to promote the harmony and positive growth of the family. . If the affection factor is absent no one would have lived dedicatedly for the family.
It is the deep affection that makes parents inclined to the sacrifices of growing up kids, perform household activities and meet the financial requirements. It is the unmatched affection that creates the belongingness in the family life.
This affection obligates parents to take pain of looking after the kids and similarly, kids to love and obey the parents. Constantly nurturing the affection in the family is essential to keep the bond of love between the members of the family strong.
These days, our daily activities makes us so busy that it can be hard to find time for family activities whether they are weekend trips, week long vacations, gathering for lunch or dinner, or even just brief visit. For most people it’s an integral part of the season.
This indicates how important family ties are regarded. Committing to be with parents, siblings, children, and family members communicates with actions that these people are important and worth the effort involved in making the journey. They are the people who know everything about us and accept us.
It is also a time for relatives living in different places to come together, share this special meal, and celebrate. The entire family, or as many as can, sit at the table during dinner and offer thanks and prayers to the Almighty.
The presence of unity in the family will make the family to be in one accord and these will make everyone in the family stand for one another. It should be with the family that each of the family members spends most of their time.
Home and families are places where kids and elders live with a feeling of security and also places of sharing, love, care and concern. Mutual understanding, adjustments and love creates the unbreakable bond between family members and if taken care of.
Presence or availability is the most essential bonding factor that enhances the family relationship. Parents should be available for kids in each of their needs and similarly the couples each other. Never take the work stress or other unwanted tensions home. As you step into the home, the prior concern should be home only.
When everybody in the family is considered equal it boosts the confidence, security feeling and affection. Considering each of the family members equal and not being partial to anyone is the best qualities a family member can possess.
Accept the opinions of everyone in the family when family related decision are taken and facilitate mutual respect among family members if you wish to convert your family into a happy family.
Family prayers, cooking, watching television, outing etc., are perfect family activities to make a healthy family. Try and find time to talk to each other and arrange some activities for the family so that you can be together




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