Family is a great fun place to be in when you know how to keep it fun. Imagine having fun with your whole family whilst you keep fit, lose weight and stay healthy.  Exercises are amazing for the family as a whole. It helps you as an adult to lose weight and relieve you of stress. For your kids, it helps them burn excess energy and have fun.
Contrary to popular opinion, exercising does not have to drain you and take a chunk out of your free time. There are fun ways to incorporate exercises into your daily schedule. We take look at five fun ways to get every member of the family exercising with no exceptions.
Cycling is a great way to exercise on weekends or after dinner. By making a minimal investment, you can get bikes that are suited to every family member’s need. Cycling helps to firm the thighs, strengthen the legs and tone your muscles.
It is a fun way to introduce the idea of fitness to your kids. You can add a fun twist by introducing competitive races among family members.
Family Games
The right game provides fun and exercise. Finding a game where every family member can be involved is a great way to exercise. A game of soccer in the backyard is a great example. Racket games like table tennis are also easy to set up and provide an avenue to exercise and have fun.
Swimming is regarded as one of the most beneficial exercises. This is because unlike most exercises, it provides the opportunity to work out the entire body. It also helps to improve your heart rate and muscle strength.
If you do not have a pool at home, you can register your family at a gym with a standard pool. Apart from being a great form of family exercise, it can also introduce your kids to the world of competitive swimming at an early age.
Most times, gardening is seen as a chore and it is avoided by everyone in the house. Getting your hands dirty in the garden is a great way to keep fit. The entire family gets to commit to a task outside the house such as gathering up dead leaves or planting.
To get the kids interested, you can create little plots and award prizes to the first child to complete his portion. With this, your children will be digging in and sweating it out.
Family dance off
Instead of gathering around the TV in the evening, you can put on some music and dance. Dancing is a great way to exercise as it helps to improve the flexibility of your muscles and your balance and coordination.
With an unending supply of dance moves, this exercise will never get boring for your family. Asides from the health benefits, dancing helps your children be less self-conscious and serves as a valuable social skill.
It might take, some time to find what exercise suits your family but with time and effort, you and your family will be travelling down the path of fitness in style. Always find time to spend with your family because there’s no place like home.




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