Finance is a pertinent integral part of marriage. For some, it makes it, for others it mares it. Finance builds and scatters families. It all depends on how you handle it.

A school of thought says it is better to hide your actual net worth from your spouse while another says it saves you a lot of stress to bare it.

1. If you hide it, your spouse will not demand excessively from you. It is widely perceived that spouses demand more when they know the financial muscles of their other spouse. The man demands from the woman creating the impression that everything the woman owns belongs to him as her husband. The woman plays an emotional blackmail on the man, painting the picture that the man should proof his love by giving her everything she demands. Even when the items are not necessarily necessary, Some have run into dark records in the perspectives of friends and family members because they cannot just help out without the approval of their spouse. They cannot also carry out some personal projects and financial assistance without any resistance from their spouse. Because these approvals do not come often, and when they come, not easily, some then resort to hiding their true net worth. This is to create that allowance and freedom for their personal financial needs and decisions.
Again, in the case of separation, whatever you are able to hide becomes yours, so will not be shared with your spouse. It is believed that that is working toward the evil days, which cannot be determined or predicted.
Therefore, hiding your true net worth from your spouse pays.

2. In the other hand, if you open up to your spouse as regards your financial capability, a reasonable spouse will never demand more that what you are really worth, because he/she already knows your capacity. Your spouse’s consciences will even work in your favour, because he/she will already know that he/she is not being considerate and reasonable by demanding more than what you are worth. Note that most of the time, the excessive demanding spouse does so because he/she must have overestimated your capability.
The issues of extending help to friends and families should be discussed and agreement reached. This helps to remove every break in trust and dishonesty. How do you explain it if your spouse gets to know about a financial help you offered behind him/her. Transparency confirmation is always in finances.
Moreover, when you run an open net worth family, there is a balance in financial apportioning and every party will most likely not fill cheated. This will definitely reduce separations bothering on financial imbalance.
Therefore, baring your true net worth to your spouse pays.

Now who is right and who is wrong?




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