Divorce seems to be a very controversial topic. Some are in support while others are not. To many, it is the only way out of a marriage that is not working. To others, it is interpreted as running away from problems, rather than solving it. Many have run away from a marriage only to regret all through their life. Either missing the one for them or running into a worse situation. So many others have remained and endured without a favourable outcome. I suggest that it is the best to solve a problem rather than run away from it. So if you think you must leave. Before you sign those divorce papers…
Take a pen and paper and write down 20 things you hate about your spouse, in 3 minutes. Then write 20 things you like about your spouse, in another 3 minutes. Which of the task were you able to achieve within the speculated time line?
Go through what you have written down to ensure you did not repeat any. Carefully pick each of the problems you wrote down and honestly think of solution(s) to them.            Read over and over again and you will soon start taking side.
Finally, relax and think it through. What do you think? Still want to sign those divorce papers?




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