The wise man of old said in proverbs that it is better to live on the roof top than to live under the same house with a nagging wife. A man will never like his wife to rain on him, all the wrong things he has done. She complains, from the time he came back home, to how carelessly he kept his shoe and clothes. Then from how he smells alcohol, to how she perceives another woman’s perfume on him. She goes on and on, pushing the man to a state on being not welcomed in his own house.
The next day, the man after the day’s job, decides to stay back in the office a longer time, or to stay out late with his friends. He avoids his house and tries to find succour elsewhere. This most times goes on until he gets into a web that will hold him down forever.
A man is very similar to a child. He wants to be loved and welcomed anytime he comes home. He expects food and comfort in addition to that. And when he is relaxed, and in his happy moments, his wife’s gentle and submissive request he will certainly do.




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