You can actually think you are having it worse until you get to live a part of your life with a scammer. Yes, he is always busy, he brings in the money but you had not the slightest idea where it comes from. You have done more than enough investigation but you weren’t able to come up with that cool job he claims he does downtown till the day the police came and knocked on your door.
Well, they arrest you, put you behind bar, label some charges against you and you are just there moping because you don’t have any idea what they are all talking about. Your innocent eyes and quivering mouth could not even change any of the charges against you. Simply because you gave a harmless call to your supposed boyfriend who has being at large without your notice. They thought anyone who has the phone number is an accomplice and that was how you got yourself involved in a mess you had no hand in.
Yes there is! There are many in such relationships today,there are many innocent people in the prison today, suffering for what they had no idea of, bearing another person’s punishment all in the name of relationship, what other life unfortunate is worse than that? Why do you think your situation today is the worst? Won’t you just get up and thank God for the life you have now instead of grumbling unending? It’s all left for you.
But remember, you never had it worse!




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