The fact remains that what will be will be. Though it tarries but it will surely come to pass, and that is destiny. No matter how long you think it’s taking, just be strong and never stop trying, never even stop dreaming because one day it will come to pass that your maker will remember you. Very soon your ugly story is going to change to a grateful testimony.

Remember the breadseller turned into a model well, she has something inspiring to say:
“I woke up this morning feeling very emotional, it’s been one year already since God used aunty TY to turn my story around, it’s been one year since all of you accepted me, gave me a chance & celebrated me like I was born to be part of this system.
I look back to January 1st 2016 & realize where my life was & what my priorities were, but January 2017 was different for my family & I.
It is still like a dream to me at times and I can only say THANK YOU JESUS & THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HAS BEEN A PART OF THIS PROCESS: my supporters, colleagues, fans, critics, my role models: God bless you all & grant your heart desires.
I will continue working on myself & try not to disappoint all those that believe in me. Please bear with my mistakes & inadequacies & keep praying for me. There are nights when my husband & I wake up to pray for you all without knowing you & we end up in tears… We appreciate you & we love you all.
Thank you @tybello for being the god that I see, a mother & big sister to me, creating A Star out of a breadseller, @tiniegram, thank you @sujimotong@sujimoto81 for being “my father” and taking care of me like your child without expecting anything in return, thank you@fewmodels & @bethmodels for the patience and effort to groom me at the beginning of my career, thank you Anty Azuka @zukiliciouz for believing in me and being my pillar through the part of the fame that I never expected, thank you Payporte @payporte for allowing an inexperienced local girl to represent your brand, thank you STANBIC IBTC for ensuring that my children get educated at the right age, a privilege that I didn’t have, thank you @officialshirleysconfectionery for taking me back to the bakery but as A Star this time, thank you to my LAWYER who has always been ready to fight for me to ensure that I’m treated right, thank you @qtabyevents for my first hosting opportunity. THANK YOU TO ALL WHO HAVE CONTINEOUSLY DEFENDED ME, I LOVE YOU AND I WISH I COULD OPEN UP MY HEART TO ALL OF YOU TO SEE HOW I FEEL…IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING
It’s your girl OLAJUMOKE ORISAGUNA: the breadseller turned SUPER STAR”




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