Because you woke up to find nothing to eat this morning does not mean that there won’t be anything to eat later in the day. Nobody has it all, we heard a story of the little beggar who thought that his world was the worst because he lived by begging and thought everyone who has a car had it all, but it wasn’t so when he approached her.
When the windscreen was down, he saw a woman who seemed to be carrying a heavy load and he burst into tears. Worst is that the load was her only means of survival because she could not breathe in the free oxygen provided to us by God. Hence she carried with her the oxygen support and generator wherever she went and yet, she still had her normal life. Couldn’t she have stayed back at home and do nothing all day since she could not breathe normal?
This is the more reason why we should never allow anything weigh us down, don’t cry because you don’t have food to eat today because some have food but can’t eat it and it was never their making.




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