Here is a story of Debola Daniel, the former governor Otumba Gbenga Daniel’s son. You might say that he have parents who had it all, but did he actually had it all himself? Despite his medical challenges he still believed in himself realized that his future lied in his own hand and emerged out with masters in Mechanical Engineering.
His parents weren’t the ones who did the learning for him, they weren’t the ones who made him an inspirational speaker, but today he has a message for you all that might be thinking you are having it worse.

“I was born into a very comfortable home, with both amazing parents and without a disability. However, when I turned 5, I was diagnosed with paraplegia- a rare condition with no medical clarity. I became confined to a wheelchair. Growing up in Nigeria, I unconsciously associated disability to poverty and crime due to amputated beggars on the streets mostly as a result of Sharia Law practiced in the North. This was the general opinion of most Nigerians in my social circle as a child. Having myself become physically challenged, I was exposed to the stigma and assumptions that came with being ‘disabled’. All of a sudden, I was looked at with pity, with judgment and sometimes with resentment by my fellow countrymen. As I became an adult, I began to realize that the onus was on me to make something of myself and create my life and future the way I envision it. My future was, and would always be in my own hands - (Debola Daniel)




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