How has your year being so far? It’s a few days gone already, I have a little message for you.
Do you know that everything happening in your life has a definite reason why it’s so? In fact whether you believe it or not, as a writer arranges each character in a book and states how and why an event took place or when it’s going to happen in each chapter, that’s also how your life has been arranged and every chapter of your life written already.  You can’t skip any chapter; you just have to read it carefully.
Let me share this short story with you:
I was born as every other normal baby, into a polygamous family. When I say polygamous, I meant our life revolved around the village, nobody ever left there to the city, but my mother died few months after my birth and my father joined her after three years. Seven years after their deaths, I left the village to the city to live with one of my mother’s relatives which none of my siblings had been opportune to considering the strictness of my father.
This is it, I was born in a village, in a backyard and I was meant to grow up there, mature and get married there but what can you say; that the death of my parents brought me luck? What if they hadn’t died and I had my mother around me and gotten whatever I needed from her. Then, there would have been no way I could have meet the people I know today who are more of source of blessings to me. 
This is to tell you that sometimes, unfortunate things happen in your life so that you can get fortunate. When you lose your job, get tones of disappointment from someone you sacrificed your life savings for, gets heartbroken, lose your properties or loved ones to any of the life unfortunate incidents such that you have to start all over again, just know that it’s a chapter. And for sure there’s always an end to every chapter of a book.
When you get unfortunate in life, just do me a favour; remain positive, be focus and remove any negative thoughts from your mind. Don’t cry, crying is for quitters and lazy bones, don’t ever quit struggling because that struggle is going to be your story later in life and most of all, do not forget God. They say, God is the last thing people want to hear when they are experiencing trials and tribulations but I say that God is the only thing we need when life becomes unfortunate to us.
Don’t forget; crying is for quitters and you are never one. Thank you for reading this, please share to any one you wish to talk life into.


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