The rate of suicide is quite alarming in the society today, what could have been the reason? Frustration, depression, anxiety, heartbreak, hopelessness, rejection, dejection or mental instability; whatever reason it is I don’t know but it does call for drastic measures.
People who thought this world is no longer conducive enough for them hence they need to relocate have devised different method of taking away their own life, either by self hanging, jumping off a tall building , taking unprescibed pills, jumping into lagoons and several other different heartbreaking method.  However, before one actually succeeds in a suicide attempt, there are hundred percent possibilities that he/she has attempted to do it in the past days, he might have shown some signs mentioned in the first paragraph and exhibited some actions about it which if any close relatives or friends are observant enough would have noticed. It’s possible he/she might have on one or two occasions mention something like “I’m tired of this life, I think I’m better off death” or some other signs like not participating in social activities or always bitter, in any case they have attempted suicide just about as many times as you might care to know before they finally succeeded.
What can I say and who is to be blamed? Themselves, the government, family and friends or the societies and peers which kept looking down and making them feel less important and wanted, which has made them loose their sense of belonging or their intended partners that took them for granted?
But whatever reason you might have, taking your own life should never be an option as there might still be hope for you to fully leave the kind of life you wish for. Don’t wish for death, think of the possibilities of you making it in life, think of the possibilities of you being a source of inspiration to others that might wake up one day and think of suicide. You are not an only person going through some hard times but just trust your instinct that you are better living than dead and you will see everything will turn out fine for you.




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