Mistakes…we all make them!
We are human after all.
But some are more massive than others.
Mistakes leading to horrible events, upset people, missed appointments and opportunities down the drain, not so nice feelings (yours and other people’s), recriminations and fall-outs, broken promises, harsh words said in anger or in ridiculous jest….the list is endless.
We all have one huge one though; one big personal bungle etched forever on our memory. One we almost feel we can’t live down or ever drop.
Let me ask you…
What was your greatest howler?
What was your biggest mistake of all time?
But, hold on a second because as the title of this post suggests…this mistake was a blessing in disguise.
A best mistake, if ever there was one!
Re-live that awful escapade again.
Not what actually happened at that time, but what happened as a result?
What happened as a result ABOUT YOU??
Your monumental mistake was so cringe worthy to you, so awful or hurtful, so difficult to face, or perhaps so life altering it brought a life lesson you have never let go of.
Whether you lost anything due to it, you most certainly gained plenty – wisdom, maturity, became aware of your blind spot, learnt to keep your thoughts to yourself, being civil, jealousy, integrity, how to manage money, how to manage to be on time etc.
REAL life skills that will help turn lives around. Or prevent them from going down the pan.
In that one moment when you realised what you had done, you began to instantly move towards being a success. The sheer size of the faux pas gave you a life lesson out of the top draw.
THAT mistake, that old mess, taught you more than any good time or happy moment.
It shone a light on what not to do, not to be, how not to act, or not to say.
And when you stop doing all those, success and happiness appear more easily, or are nearer than ever before.
Be glad of your biggest mistake, it was your biggest success EVER!


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