I saved up N35,000 from these competitions and decided to start a business instead of begging for money. I met a girl who sells recharge cards, I told her I have N35,000 but I would like her to sell recharge card worth N50,000 to me. I promised her I would pay back as I sell. Even though people tried to convince the girl not to give me anything on credit, she told me “I am going to help you because I see how you hustle around here. If you never return the 15k to me, I’ll take it that it’s gone, but for future’s sake, I hope you return it”.
The day she gave me the N50,000 worth recharge card, I was surprised at how people treated me. One man who is a regular customer came to buy fuel, saw me selling recharge cards and gave me N10,000 for N5,000 recharge card. At the end of the day, I sold all the recharge cards and people who would normally drive by without giving me anything, gave me money to support my business. The next morning, I returned the lady’s N15,000. I also put back into the business, my initial capital, the profit and all the money people supported me with which totalled N52,500.
After 3 years, I moved to Falomo bridge, facing oncoming traffic from Awolowo Road. Since I’m on a wheel chair, I can move around to face Dangote office or incoming traffic from Golden gate. One day, MTN officials came to me, told me I was doing well and they bought me this nice wheel chair and a very big umbrella. I don’t know how they knew about me but this has helped me a lot.
I have been selling recharge cards for nine years now. Now, I can fend for myself and family here and in the village. The difference between now and when I used to beg for alms is that I feel more important in my mind now, even people greet me with more respect and I get help even without asking




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