Sometimes we feel so helpless that we feel we cannot do anything to help ourselves, we allow our family and friends push us around as if we are bags of junk. But you should know that no one can make you look inferior and helpless without your permission. Do you know that for you to get big things you need to start with the small things? Even if you look at the story of our great heroes and the billionaires of today, you would see that they never had all that they wanted from the start, they started little and ended up with big things and that’s why you can hear their names today. What I am saying is that you can pick a Bajaj (keke) and you will be surprise at how busy you will be in your business that nobody will have time to insult you again. If you are a lady, prostitution or turning into a big time runs girl is not always the solution. Do you know you can be a hair stylist or a fashion designer? No matter how hard things should be for you, it should not be too bad that you cannot take out a time to learn those things from someone who would be willing and happy to teach you.
These two things are just what you need:
• Having Christ who is the ultimate giver
• Dreaming big and staying positive
Say this prayer with me in faith: father in the name of Jesus, I know you didn’t create me to be an object of mockery among my mates and neither was I made to come and look at others making it, I know that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, father please give me the knowledge that I need to go out to the world and stop feeling sorry for myself but to work believing in your word that said you will bless the works of my hands. Thank you father for an answered prayer.
Remain motivated and inspired!




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