When it hurts deeply in your heart, it comes out in your eyes. Am hurt, deeply hurt, I tear but feel it’s not enough… I can’t even explain how bad my heart is wounded. I looked around me and I realized am all alone, buried in my tears. Then I thought to myself, what did I do wrong? Where exactly did I go wrong? Where did I miss it? Where do I start? All these I couldn’t stop but think about and then I realized that even when the cut is bad and the tears won’t stop flowing, I try to be positive even while I tear.
For how long will I tear? So I thought but I know my pains will reduce so also my tears. Crying solves nothing it’s just a way of expressing pain/hurt, either do I enjoy crying but in my tears I find strength.
If I keep crying, it won’t solve anything, crying will only degrade my strength but if I get up and work it out I won’t have to cry for anyone to see again. But I will be showing off my strength and also helping some other persons out there get back to him/her normal self. I don’t have to cry I just have to make a change!




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