You can overcome depression Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where all you can do is just cry, but who are we kidding, if you spend the rest of your days feeling sorry for yourself and not doing anything to change the situation then you will have no chances of making it in life. The bible made us understand that we can do all things, yet we at times find ourselves in such a situation that the only thing that is left there about is suicide.
Depression occurs in everyone’s life once in a while; at least one feels depressed at times when he is not able to get what he wants and on top that s/he won’t be able to explain why he is just down and frustrated. Depression has no defined cause, it just comes and goes in some people but in others, it stays for more than a year making them appear miserable and unwanted.
You are never alone in any situation, you might be depressed because you have being trying your possible best to make it in life, but it isn’t working out, the money you wish to make has refused to come your way, you are not the only one. You might be suffering from relationship breakdown; the relationship you took years to build suddenly collapsed before your eye and it doesn’t look like you are getting any younger again hence you get depressed.
There is still hope if only you can change the way you see things: positive thinking breeds positive living.




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