The one of the reasons why I appreciate life so much is that it always gives us the privilege to change the game. Do you know you have no excuse for the kind of life you have today? That you are an orphan does not imply anything at all, that your parents have deserted you does not change anything either. I might not know or feel the pains or seen the struggles you have had to go through in life, but I can assure you, life can only give you what you want it to give you.
Look at her she already chose her life, she has no limbs, no limbs at all but that has not hindered her from choosing want she wants from life.
Do you know what she did? She changed the game; instead of crutching on a wheelchair and blaming her God for her situation, she chose to show the world that she is as powerful and strong as the people around her. And do you know what else, she has a unique power and this is what is keeping her going. The power she has is that everyone who sees her perform is always awed and is caused to bless her, she commands them. Can’t you see that she has changed the game, instead of being pitied and mocked; she is being blessed and seen as a special person because of her condition.
There you see, you are not vulnerable, you are not weak, you are not helpless, you are not hopeless; you just have to change the game, and command life!
Think positive and live positively everyday of your life! 




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