Sometimes you get angry when someone says, you need to be strong because you think they have not the slightest idea what you have been through in life, because they don’t know the how many nights you’ve had to stay awake crying and swallowing back your mucus, they don’t even know the how many times you have actually held back your tears in the public because you don’t want to make a public show of yourself, after all you don’t even know what others are passing through in life too. The only thoughts that could come to you will be just to give up on life, please give yourself another chance, you deserve it.
  This is life; this life is a bed of rose whether you believe it or not, it wakes us up every morning with a bright morning sun and takes us back to bed with a dark and gentle breeze. What more do we think life should do for us, no, I think we are the ones who owe life a gift. We owe it just a gift of appreciation; when you are up, don’t grumble, don’t complain, and don’t even remember the ordeals of yesterday. Just live for today, try not to keep dwelling in the past. It’s true I may not know the ugly memories behind your past, the hard life your parents or guardians made you pass through while growing up, the kind of pressure you got from your peers while coming of age; you have actually vowed to make them all pay back by struggling to make it being a billionaire.
Then the implication comes in, you are ready to do anything just to make it, anything. That is why you don’t really make it; you keep struggling but because your intentions aren’t really for good ones you just keep struggling in life.  Even when you make it, it doesn’t last because it’s a payback struggle for life, you thereby keep struggling.       
A time comes in life when you need to let go of negative things, and that is now. Forget the vengeance, let the law of karma take its course, of course you know that is certain and you wouldn’t want to be a victim of karma. You know, it doesn’t spare anybody, so just don’t grumble anymore, live for today, give yourself a second chance.




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