Do you truly believe in your own capabilities? What would happen to your life and to your success if you believed more in your capability to achieve life’s success?
Exploring the word of capability, we see two words: cap and ability. The second word ability is well known and comes from the Latin word of habilis that means handy and that comes from the Latin root word of habere to have or hold. And the first word, cap means a close fitting head covering.
For some, this word has limitations because of the word cap. Yet, what would happen if you think about each cap being a different personal strength? Imagine that you are standing in your self worth closet looking at a variety of caps hanging on the wall. Each cap represents a specific strength such as speaking, creativity, problem solving, you get the picture.
Your ability or handiness to switch caps determines your overall capability. Does that picture change how you look at your own life and capabilities?
Believing we that we are capable requires numerous success strategies. One of the most important ones is the belief in yourself. For you are responsible for your own success. Yes, others may help you, but ultimately at the end of the day, you are the person accountable for whether the day was great where you leverage your capabilities or mediocre where you failed to do your personal best.
Another success strategy specific to your capability is knowing what your strengths are. Unfortunately, in Africa, the emphasis on our weaknesses seems to take over our thoughts. Years of past conditioning create limiting thoughts that lead to limiting behaviors. We succumb to the Can’ts of Life instead of the Cans.
A wise man by the name of Mohandas Gandhi said: The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems.
So take the time to change the limiting filters of your mind and replace them with capability filters. Whether you are seeking life success, personal success or business success, the results will be astounding.





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