Sit back ,grab a glass of wine and read about how it all started with wine gini
You asked for it! My wine story!

If I could give you 1 advice, that is: “chase your dream”. I used to work in the corporate environment, day dreaming for another life. I was unhappy, so I quit my job, move and start working in the wine hospitality. Sharing my love for wine with people from around the world made me realize that I want to learn more and give sth back. I started @wsetglobal courses, Enology and Viticulture courses, and when I was accepted in my Master’s Degree I travelled in 27 countries around the wine world. Out of love for wine communication, I created this page: @wine.gini, to open a window to you wine lovers, and we are building together a global community! Based on research, I wrote my thesis:

“Wine Communication for Millennials” and now that I graduated, my dream is to make you fall in love, even more, with the joy of wine experience, on line and off line. This is why I decided to take a new leap of faith, and start moving towards this direction. I just arrived somewhere really far from home, away from everything, especially my comfort zone . I will talk to you soon about this decision, when I settle down. For now, if there’s one thing I want you to keep from my story is: “one life, live it”. When was the last time you took a leap of faith wine lovers? #winegoals #mondaymotivation




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