Often at times, we buy clothes to fill up the hangers in our wardrobe but at the end of the day, we don’t even see what to wear to work or classes for lectures or to that special occasion. I am not even going to talk of when you are invited to a closed door meeting with the governor.
• You might have so many clothes in your wardrobe, but there are some that you’ve not touched for the past one year. No reason though, but you always flip pass each time you come across them promising to wear them next time. But they are just there; they have been there all these months. Why not just remove them from the wardrobe and keep somewhere, were it can be taken to the charity homes, after all, it’s not as if you are ever going to wear them! 
•   You are done sorting those clothes you’ve not worn for like 12 months now and you are just left with a particular set of wears, and you think they are totally cool!
• How do you feel when you are wearing that clothe? Confident? Or do you keep adjusting and feeling uncomfortable in it? When you put on something that is just you, you are sure to feel free in them because they solely define who you are. If you are confident in that dressing, then that’s more than just a fashion, it’s your style.

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