Habits to remedy puffy eyes
Bags under the eyes can be a sour spot on your face and you look. No wonder people complain so much when they get them because it makes you look older and tired. A tired look doesn’t do too well for anyone who hoping to look their best.
Bags under the eyes happen when the fat which is meant to support the eyes move into the lower eyelids, causing the lids to look puffy. Sometimes, fluid also gathers below the eyes making them to puffy and swollen.
Getting rid of bags under the eyes is a worthy cause that no one should be prevented from pursuing. However, it often requires more than quick fixes to solve the problem. It often requires than that people look into their lifestyle and make some changes.
Tips for Removing Bags Under the Eyes
Quit Alcohol and Smoking
Going heavy on alcohol regularly will have consequences and it won’t just be a hangover. Alcohol takes water out of the skin and this may weaken the skin especially around the eye area. This may result in a sunken pouch under the eyes.
Quitting is the best thing but if not, go easy on the alcohol, drink more water and moisturize regularly.
Smoking is another habit that doesn’t favour the skin. It can make the skin dry and weak especially on the face and eye area. Kick that smoking habit to avoid tired, droopy eyes.

Eat Less salt
Apart from being linked to high blood pressure, salt makes your eyes puffy because it causes your body to retain fluid. This is why you need to cut down on your salt intake, you really don’t need that much anyway.
The good thing about this is that cutting down on sodium doesn’t make your food taste less delicious because your taste buds will adjust to the reduction soon enough and everything will taste just as good. You have every reason to eat less salt; the eradication of puffy eyes will just be an added benefit.
Watch How You Sleep
If you have been sleeping on your side or stomach, it may have been contributing to the puffiness in your eyes. This is because when you sleep in these positions, you put gravity to work and it pushes fluids to the eye area. When you wake up, you get those relentless baggy eyes. Try to form a new habit of sleeping on your back with an extra pillow under your head.
Treat Allergies Promptly
Allergies, colds and infections especially with the sinus are major culprits when it comes to puffy eyes. Use medications and treatments promptly to get rid of allergies and get rid of those baggy eyes.
Try a Neti Pot
A neti pot is small pot similar to a teapot which is used to flush the sinuses and relieve allergies, infections and colds.
You simply use it to pour water through one nostril and allow it drain out of the other. You’d be surprised that it works; it gets rid of the extra moisture in your sinuses and this will help with the fluid under your eyes too.
Always Take Your Makeup Off
You need to maintain the practice off taking your makeup off before going to bed. This is often the cause of swollen eyes in the morning as it make make your eyes water. You can use a cleanser, cleansing wipes or some water and soap for your nightly ritual of removing makeup.
Use Sunscreen and Cold Compresses
Protecting your face and eyes from the damage of the sun can help you avoid that sag around the eyes. Use sunscreen and other protection like hats and sunglasses to protect your skin and eyes from wrinkles.
A cold compress can help to ease puffy eyes. You can use anything from tea bags to cucumber slices, all you need is something cool to clear the puffiness.
You Might Need Eye Cream
For extra help, you should consider using eye creams to reduce the sag under your eyes. You can get one at any good beauty store near you. Try a retinol eye cream for rejuvenation and avoid the older haemorrhoid creams as they often irritate the skin around the eyes.




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