- The impression our dressing makes on us
- The role of color in our dressing
To choose Cloths are rarely neutral, and our inner secrets can be read in our choices.  If a woman is badly dressed, it’s the dress we’ll notice; but if she is impeccably dressed, it’s the woman herself we’ll notice.’ So what do your clothes say about you? It’s no news that your wardrobe says a lot about you.
What you wear can inform passersby of your type of employment, as well as your ambitions, emotions and spending habits.
The impression it makes on us
“Confident, successful, flexible and a higher earner” before you can gain this kind of comment from people, I think you dressing as already says a lot about you. Our dressing is a form of personal expression and the clothes we wear send out messages to the world.
It’s a known culture already that before we think of going out any time in the day, what first come to our mind are what to wear and the color that will best suit the mood or nature of the day. Color plays a major role in our lives by the way it influences our moods and emotions. You wouldn’t think that a color can make you feel secure or make you feel un-easy, but it can. When you choose to use a color or avoid it, that action can reveal much about your personality.
Black is another powerful color that people often misquote to represent evil, but it is not true. Black screams out loud how prestigious and confident you are whenever you put them on. It connotes a special kind of person in a special kind of color.
Many people associates black to that bad, moody, sad clothing we put on when we want to show the world how depressed we’ve been over the days, how we’ve really planned to give up on the world but the world keep giving up on us. They think black should be worn only during mourning and burials or when you want to tell him how miserable you have been all the time you have been together! But no, black is a beautiful color that portrays the confident woman with power and prestige. It is unique and only unique people understand this color. It looks sweet on ladies and even more gorgeous on men.                                                                                
Blue soothes and cools. When you wear blue, you’re broadcasting creativity, positivity, peace, loyalty, and you’re saying that you’ve decided to live by your own rules, and by your own truth. Because blue wearers think for themselves, they’re smart, have a quick wit, and are independent.
Wearing metallic colors like silver isn’t just for hookers or socialites anymore; metallic clothing comes in everything from cute tops to sophisticated dresses. If you wear metallic, you’re letting the world know that you aren’t shy, but that you’re adventurous, up for anything, and hip.
Red is beautiful and passionate. It denotes power and strong desire; at times people who wear reds are regarded as dangerous people because of their yell for energy which the colour screams out as it goes. Red is not a dull colour and as such, you should be ready for some unwanted attention whenever you rock it. It seems you are in-love, why not try a red gown on that first date, he will be enchanted. RED is sweet.
Pink is cute! Heard of that? When you put on pink you appear gentle and harmless. You calm the stressed and depressed soul. Pink is very much associated with femininity, Pink is the unconditional love color and it’s known to soothe out aggression.
Yellow as it’s logical, happy, cheerful, and optimistic. It has the power to bring out creativity, but is completely overpowering if too much is used. Yellow encourages intelligence and inspiration, and is a good color to wear when you need that added boost to finish a work project or ace those exams.
White denotes purity, wholeness and innocence. If you are a lover of white, then you must be that creative and complete person. White makes you appear pure and impartial, perfect and clean. If you have been dreaming to rock it to that wedding with a nice white outfit, well honey, don’t have a rethink, just do your stuff! A white outfit brings about respect and gentility.
The color of cloths we wear tells us and people little bit about us. We can use those colors to feel better and brighter. Once you know, you’ll have a secret method to feeling good about yourself and your day; even if that wasn’t the way it started out.

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